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We develop original software solutions to help electricity distribution, telecommunication and CATV companies, to improve their services.







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Smart Design

Solutions conceived to grow and evolve considering each company needs.

Adaptable to all type of organization

Suitable to Multinationals, big companies, cooperatives, and SMEs.

Information always available

The solution, on premise or in the cloud, is accessible from any device, anywhere.

Enables integration

Interfaces to any system in the company, including ERP, SCADA, CRM and AMIs.

All the information in one place

Prometium allows to access all the network information consistently.

Just one click away

The user can access all the important information straight away.

Our Products

We support industries who offer sensitive services in which the end user needs the best quality and a quick response. To this end, Prometium offers unique functionalities.

Documentar la Red, Visualización de redes FO y CU
  • View at any time and any place.
  • Network edition.
  • Follow-up of projects and works.
  • Agility in the documentation of new supplies.

Network documentation

Users can access the network at all times and from anywhere
-from a browser or a mobile device- and update information online.

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Network Management

It allows network operation considering service quality indicators.

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Gestión de despacho de BT y MT; Gestión de la demanada OMS, DMS, ADMS
  • Identification of point of failure in the network.
  • Record and follow-up of failures, outages, and anomalies in the network.
  • Definition of priorities of low and medium voltage outages.
  • Compilation of data from crews and network devices.
Informar, Visualizador de interrupciones
  • Visualization and management of service interruptions.
  • Calculation of indicators.
  • Generation of reports for concession contracts
    and regulatory agencies.


It allows companies to estimate and visualize interruption
indicators to obtain reliable data for reports.

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Productivity Analysis

It offers a strategic vision of the network, the status and
the work done, based on key indicators.

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Evaluar productividad, KPI
  • Strategic indicators, both, online and from mobile devices.
  • Functionalities for network status evaluation (historic and current).

Prometium Philosophy

We create innovative software solutions to help electricity distribution, telecommunication, internet and CATV companies improve their service, user friendly and accessible from anywhere. We are committed to preserve a healthy environment that promotes training, learning, and cooperation.

Filosofía Prometium

We want to contribute to our community's quality of life.

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We are a team of professionals at the forefront of software innovation.


We understand your business and speak the same language.


We put knowledge into action to develop better solutions.


We promote continuous learning to create value.

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